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Provenance Seed Collection and Propagation for VMPs and Riparian Zones

We provide a provenance seed collection and propagation service to assist clients meet the requirements of Vegetation Management Plans (VMP’s) and revegetate Riparian Zones. Prior to commencing a project, our specialists collect native seed from within the footprint of the subject site or appropriate radius. These seeds are taken and propagated at our Nursery ready for planting once your project is complete. By planting a mixture of trees, shrubs and groundcover, reflecting the balance that originally occurred before disturbance is ideal for success.

Reducing Costs by using Provenance Stock

Provenance stock are plants native to the area in which they are harvested. This provenance plays an important role in sustainable ecology of an area. Indigenous native plants have adapted over a long period of time to the specific conditions in an area. They are more likely to thrive without intervention than plants from a different region. Local plant communities provide the most suitable food and habitat for local native wildlife.

Utilising native plant stock is the most cost-effective planting solution, as these plants are most likely to survive our harsh Australian climate.

To discuss your VMP and Riparian Zone revegetation requirements contact our team today on (02) 9654 2664.

Guarantee Future Stock Availability with Contract Growing

When it comes to large-scale projects, it can be difficult to source stock in very large numbers at short notice. This strategy can be expensive when stock availability is limited and market demand drives prices higher, or stock may need to be sourced from interstate with additional freight expenses.

By entering into a pre-grow contract, during the planning phase of your project, your future stock availability can be guaranteed. This ensures the plants are delivered when you need them, avoiding delays to your program due to lack of plant availability.

Our pre-grow contracts secure your stock and are a cost-saving solution with favourable rates negotiated for all pre-grow contracts.

If you have large planting projects in the pipeline to discuss a pre-grow for your project call our team today on (02) 9654 2664.

Stock for Riparian Zones and Wetlands

Undercover Nursery grows a large variety of native plants ideal for use in the restoration and reconstruction of both native bushland & wetlands across the Sydney Basin.

We specialise in native Cumberland Plain native species suitable to restoring and reconstructing Riparian Corridors and Wetlands. We supply provenance stock to Ecologists, Land Care specialists and the National Trust.

For stock enquiries contact our Nursery team today on (02) 9654 2664.

We can manage your VMP and Environmental Project

In addition to plant supply, we have a specialist Environmental Division dedicated to managing a wide variety of Environmental and Ecological projects. Our specialties include:

  • VMP Management
  • Riparian Zone reconstruction and restoration
  • Environmental Offsets and BAM Assessments
  • Aquatic and terrestrial ecology
  • Ecological restoration, vegetation management and weed control

To discuss your environmental project, contact our Business Development team today (02) 9654 2664.

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Wholesale Native Plant Nursery

Native Plant Specialist

Native Plant Specialist

Over 25 years in business specialising in native plant stock.

Natspec Method

Natspec Method

Ensuring quality stock and ecological practices

AUS Wide Delivery

AUS Wide Delivery

Delivery available across Australia through our transport partners.

Contract Growing

Contract Growing

Secure the future availability of your stock by using our ‘grow to order’ service.


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